Respite Care

We support respite (temporary care)

Respite Care


The level of home care provided can be tailored to meet your needs – from a visit once a day to a much greater amount of help. Home care agencies can help with personal care such as washing and dressing. You might be surprised to learn that even those with quite significant and debilitating medical conditions can get a level of skilled personal care that can enable them to stay in their own home. Bait’ul Care provide ‘live-in’ care, where a care worker will stay with you at home to support you throughout the day and night.


Life can be quite exhausting when you are caring for a loved one and your family all at one time. Bait’ul Care Ltd can give you the break you and your family need so you can rest your mind and body. Whether it is for a couple of hours a week, at the weekend or you are having a holiday, we can be there for you. We have highly skilled staff who can fit right in where you have left off, so let us give you a break.


Our respite care can help you with:


  • Scheduled care services
  • Meals
  • Medication
  • House-keeping


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Our respite care services could give you and your family the break you have been needing. You can take that family holiday you have been planning as our friendly and compassionate carers can pick up exactly where you left off. Call us today on 033772 0827 for more information on our respite services